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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Backpack Essentials

So you've had a wonderful summer so far preparing for going back to school and all of the sudden you realize it's actually time to go back to school! You're totally lost on what you need for the first day of classes and are starting to panic. Aaaaand here is where my handy dandy little list comes in!! As an incoming college freshman I was so excited about moving and going through rush that the first day of classes came and I realized as I was headed to my first class that I had ZERO school supplies. Total freshman move. Ever since that little incident, I have my backpack essentials list that I check 376488 times before the first day of classes!

Backpack essentials:
Backpack- Your backpack should be sturdy and well-built...you get bonus points if it's super stylish! One of my favorite new backpacks is the Sakroots backpack! It's super easy to throw your stuff in and go if you're running late to class, has lots of room and pockets, AND even comes in super cute patterns! (And BONUS! You can get 15% off your purchase by signing up with your email on the Sakroots website!)

Planner- It's actually near impossible to survive college without a planner. Get one, love it, and never let it leave your side (or backpack). The best types of planners are those with monthly and weekly(or daily) views. This allows you to see how your month or semester is going, but still gives you room to plan out your week to the smallest detail! I've found that Sakroots planner works really well for this, plus it comes with cute stickers, a notes section, and pockets to put random things like handouts or flyers in! Another added bonus is that you can find one to match your bookbag!

Notebooks- Everyone has their own different style of how to take notes, but I prefer to have my different classes separated in single subject spiral bound notebooks.

I also like to keep lots of pens, pencils, and highlighters in my backpack at all times, and luckily my backpack also came with a matching pencil case!

One thing I love about SakRoots is that each unique pattern they use for their products represents a different charity that they donate to! So while you're looking cute with your Sakroots products, you're also helping worthwhile causes. For more information on Sakroots, click here.

SakRoots also has a "Campus Circle" ambassador program where college students all over the nation help to spread the word about Sakroots, orchestrate Sakroots sponsored events, give their personalized Sakroots promo code to classmates, and there is also the opportunity to earn college credits through this program! If you're interested, check out more information here!

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  1. Obsessed with this print! It looks even better in your photo!