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Friday, July 17, 2015

DIY Bracelet Stand

I've never been much of a bracelet wearer until recently when I received the adorable nepal bracelets as gifts and I found these bracelets from Future First Lady (use code 'HaydenL' at checkout for 10% off!). With my new collection of bracelets ever growing, I've had such a hard time figuring out how to display theme. They've just been laying all around my room and it was just a hot mess. Luckily I came across this post about a DIY bracelet stand!

I followed the all over look for this project, but tweaked it to fit my needs. I got the wooden plaque and 3/8 inch wooden dowel from Hobby Lobby. I painted them both blue to match the other refinished furniture in my room. I (read: my brother who is handy with power tools) used a drill bit to drill a hole for the dowel to wedge in to. I didn't have any wood glue on hand, so I made sure it was a tight squeeze for the dowel so it wouldn't come out. That's all there was to making the base! Instead of using paper towel rolls like so many people do to hold the bracelets, I opted for PVC pipe. I wanted something that would be sturdy enough to survive moving every year (#dormprobs). The PVC pipe I used is the same diameter as a paper towel roll, and just a tad bit shorter (though I wish I would have made it longer). We drilled a hole in the center of the PCV pipe for the dowel to go through.  I then used some burlap I found in the bandana section at Hobby Lobby and mod podged it on to cover the pipe. I just tucked in the extra fabric on the ends! The dowel was a really tight fit in the PVS pipe, so I had to use a hammer to make sure it was in there good enough! All in all, the whole project took no less than 20 minutes and cost me only about $5!

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  1. This looks so simple--I definitely should make this because my bracelets all sit in my drawer, this is a cool way to remember what you have and remember to wear them!


    1. Paige, it was super simple! And I love how it turned out to add a cute touch to my dresser!

  2. This is so adorable! I don't have nearly enough bracelets to use something like this though, I think I have a total of three and never really wear any of them! Maybe sometime in the future though, because I really do like how this turned out!

    Running Alyssa

    1. Thanks Alyssa! I have really small wrists so it's hard to find bracelets that don't fall off! The beaded nepal bracelets work perfect for me and are super comfortable! I recommend those if you're wanting to start wearing bracelets!