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Friday, June 19, 2015

What I Wish I Would Have Known As An Incoming Freshman

Oh, freshman year of college. It's such an exciting, wonderful, confusing, heartbreaking time. Before I even graduated high school I was on Pinterest searching for every article that told me what to expect as an incoming freshman. Some of the articles were helpful, some not so much. As I enter my junior year of college (brb crying because I never want to leave), I wanted to impart some wisdom (??? if you could call it that) on you young, fresh souls getting ready to enter the mysterious world of college.

1. DON'T GO HOME EVERY WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, how are you supposed to enjoy college if you're not even there to enjoy it.

2. Be social! Ok, so you aren't going home every time you get a free chance. Now what? Be sociable, talk to people, sit by someone you don't know in class and start a conversation, make friends. I promise freshman year is a lot more fun if you actually have friends.

3. If you have a boyfriend, cool…but don't be stuck up his butt. Make time for girl time to hang out with your friends.

4. You're going to go through heartbreak. Whether it's breaking up with your high school boyfriend that you thought you would marry, breaking up with your first college boyfriend, or even losing contact with your best friend from high school, some relationships are going to end. It might seem like the end of the world, but I promise the hurt only lasts for a little while.

5. You're going to start new relationships. I couldn't imagine where I would be now without some of my best friends that I made in college. Even relationships with boys are different, and you learn not to be sad once they end, but happy for the experiences that it gave you.

6. Be involved! Whether it's Greek Life, philanthropy organizations, political clubs (College Republican Convention was a BLAST this year, btw), honors societies, activist groups, etc., you need to join a few! These also look great on resumes!

7. Take a chance, do something out of your comfort zone! As a sophomore in college, I was able to apply to be a Cabinet Member for an organization that I had been a huge fan and follower of since its beginning. I decided to take the chance and apply, and I was accepted to be a Cabinet Member for Future First Lady. This was something out of my comfort zone, but the chance I took paid off and FFL has given me so many wonderful opportunities!

8. Find your niche. Everyone is good at something (or so I like to believe). Find your niche in your organization and thrive there.

9. Develop good study habits. High school was a breeze for me and I didn't really have to study. College came as a huge shock to me when I actually had to study and put effort into my classes. I recommend finding a way to study that fits you and the way you learn best. Don't be afraid to go to professors when you need help. Most professors genuinely want to see their students succeed and will help you in any way they can! Professors also have discretion when determining your final grade, so if you are just shy of meeting your target grade and they know that you have put in the effort, they will help you out!

10. Invest in a good pair of shoes to walk to class in (I recommend Chacos for warm weather!), don't forget a rain jacket, and give in to the oversized shirts and north/leggings trend. You won't wear anything else, anyways.

11. Have the best year ever. Stop stressing (you'll be doing plenty of that next year) and just have fun. Meet new people and try new things. Don't worry if you think people are going to judge you if you're doing something different from the crowd. Stand up for yourself and find your voice.

Best of luck this year, and remember to have fun and TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES!!!

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