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Friday, August 14, 2015

Surviving Syllabus Week

Syllabus week is one of the best weeks of classes, but if I'm being totally honest, my syllabus "week" only lasts one day. This means I have less time to do all the things I would normally do during syllabus week. Here's my go to routine for surviving "syllabus week".

1. Print out your schedule and find your classes.
I like to type mine out in a weekly format so that everyday I know all the times and locations of all of my classes. Because I'm now an upperclassman and I know where all of the buildings and classes are, the second step of finding your classes isn't as important anymore. But, if you are freshman, go find your classes and map out your schedule a day or two before classes start! Trust me, you'll want to do this so you aren't running late to your first class or accidentally sit through the wrong one!

2. Look at your syllabus and books for each class.
Most professors will upload a syllabus and book list for each class on Blackboard (or whatever online program your school uses) before classes start. Some teachers will expect you to have come to class knowing exactly what is on the syllabus. I normally don't recommend buying books before classes start, but if you know it is a class where you will need the book on the first day,  go ahead and buy it! I DEFINITELY don't recommend buying books from the bookstore if you can absolutely avoid it! Chances are there is a facebook page specific to students from your school selling their old books for much cheaper than the bookstore price!

If you don't already have a planner, get one!!! Most of your syllabi will have important dates like exams, homework due dates, presentation due dates, etc. Go ahead and write these in your planner. I like to color code my classes the same color as the notebook I use for the class. If I know a project isn't due for a while (like a semester long paper), I'll write countdowns in my planner to help remind me to stay on top of it so I'm not surprised when the due date comes up!

4. Get out there and have fun!
Enjoy this week where you have nothing to stress over! Most schools have events during the first week of classes to get new students adjusted to campus life and introduce them to organizations. Take advantage of these free events and have fun and meet new people! Enjoy the stress free time while it lasts ;)

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  1. Love this! I am the same way - syllabus week is pretty much one day long and then the craziness begins. Thanks for posting this xoxo