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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

10 Tips For Sorority Recruitment

So you want to go through Rush, or Recruitment as it is formally known. I've been on both sides of Panhellenic Recruitment now (and I absolutely LOVE it), and I've come up with a 10 11 tips for girls looking to pledge a sorority!

1. Be yourself. This is so cliche, but it's a great tip. Don't try to act like someone you think that the girls you're talking to will like. If you're not your self, you might not end up in the best house for you. If you're nervous, it's ok to let the girls know! I promise the girls you are talking to are nervous, too!

2. Wear what you have. Don't go buy a dress or shoes that you'll never wear again because you think you need it to impress other girls. Don't get me wrong, I used Rush as an excuse to buy new outfits, but I made sure to buy things I knew I would wear again!

3. Put your best foot forward. Don't feel like you have to pile on the make-up and hair spray if it's not something you normally do, but make sure you look fresh and your hair is brushed. You don't have to go all out, but you don't want to be remembered as the girl who looked like she just rolled out of bed.

4. Pretend it's a first date. When you think of it, it pretty much is a first date! You're "dating around" to see which sorority you fit best with. The same rules apply for a first date, too. Put effort into your appearance, be courteous, and just have fun!

5. Steer clear of partying/politics topics. If you're only asking about the party scene, you're not going to be taken seriously because they think that's all you care about. As for politics, I can talk about politics with you all day long, but during Recruitment isn't the time for it. You'll have plenty of time to talk about that later. These definitely aren't "strict, never ever talk about it" topics during rush, and if it just naturally comes up in the conversation then feel free to talk about it! But, keep in mind that you shouldn't be choosing your sorority on partying/politics.

6. Be prepared. Sometimes there are lulls in the conversation that end up as awkward silences. Keep a list of questions in the back of your mind to ask in case you run out of things to talk about. For example: What do you like most about sorority XYZ? Why did you pledge XYZ? How does XYZ raise money for your philanthropy? What are swaps/socials like? etc…

7. Do your research. Look at the handbooks your school's Panhellenic puts out to get an idea of how Recruitment is at your school. Another good idea is to look online for blogs or blog posts about Recruitment (like this one - lol). If you know girls in sororities, don't be afraid to ask them questions about Greek Life!

8. Have an open mind. You might have heard the stereotypes about the chapters at your school, but you should forget about them completely. Go in with an open mind and don't let others influence your decision.

9. Freshen up. Recruitment is during the hottest time of the year and you're going to end up hot and sweaty. For my recruitment, we were only allowed to bring what we could fit in a sandwich baggie. I recommend bringing mints, lipstick, concealer/powder, oil blot sheets, and deodorant if you can make it fit!

10. Find YOUR perfect fit. You're not in a sorority just for four years, but for life. Don't pledge a sorority just because you're a legacy, your best friend is pledging that one, they have the nicest smelling house, etc. You should pledge a sorority because it is where you see yourself fitting in and finding your home away from home.

11. Because I just couldn't leave this one out…BE NICE. If you got invited back to a house you don't particularly see yourself pledging, don't be rude to the girls talking to you. It won't kill you to have a conversation with these girls, because chances are you'll see them around campus, no matter what sorority you pledge! It's really disheartening when you are talking to a girl during Rush and you can tell she obviously doesn't want to be there.

The biggest tip I would give for girls going into Rush, or even college in general, is to have fun! You're making new friends and finding your forever home, enjoy the process while it lasts!

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  1. Love this! Your tips are great. I've been through recruitment on both sides (as a PNM and a recruiter)