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Monday, July 6, 2015

How To: Make Your Dorm Room One of a Kind

Dorm rooms are so cookie cutter and it’s so hard to make them feel like a home. Since you can’t paint, hang anything with nails, change out furniture (the list goes on and on…), it’s hard to make your dorm room feel like it is your space. After the last two years of living in a dorm room, I’ve mastered a few tricks to make your dorm feel one of a kind without taking up a ton of your much-needed space.

The Bed
Your bed is a focal point in your dorm room, and it’s the easiest thing to customize! Not only should you utilize your bed for storage (get tips here), but the best way to add personality to that drab dorm room of yours is with bedding that reflects your style. Pottery Barn Dorm has some of the cutest styles of bedding! Choose your favorite color and design, add some monogrammed sheets and personalized pillows, and viola you have a bed unique to you!
Use a headboard to fill up will space. Headboards are a huge statement piece that don’t take up a lot of room. In my first dorm, I hung a monogram (PB has such cute ones!) above my bed, but in my second dorm I invested in an actual headboard. This Pottery Barn headboard also acts as a pinboard, so you can add even more customization to it by hanging up pictures of your friends and family, ticket stubs, art work, and more!
Pillows are another great way to make your dorm feel cozy and one of a kind! My favorite pillows are those with my monogram or my sorority’s letters!

Windows and Floors
Your windows and floors are a great way to add style to your dorm room without taking up any space! Curtains add a much needed pop of color on those drab walls, and rugs are a must to cover up those (usually gross) dorm floors.

Your dorm walls are a bit trickier to decorate depending on your residence hall’s wall hanging policy. Don’t worry, because Pottery Barn Dorm has got you covered with a whole section of No Nails Decor! They have everything from monogram decals to pin boards to removable wall paper! Even the headboard pictured above is part of the No Nails Decor!

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be spending a ton of time at your desk. It serves multiple purposes as a desk, dining room table, vanity...you name it! This doesn’t mean that it can’t be stylish and functional! A pin board and dry erase board are must haves, along with pen and pencil holders.

Storage is a big issue in tiny dorm rooms, and it’s so hard to find something that is cute and functional. Trunks and cubbies are a great way to hide your stuff while adding personality to your room. This trunk comes in a variety of colors, can be personalized with monogram decals or your favorite brand stickers, and can even serve as additional seating!

Not sure what all you need for your dorm room? Check and see if PBDorm has your school's checklist listed! If your school isn't available (#smallschoolprobs), check out PBDorm's ultimate dorm checklist! Pottery Barn also offers free shipping on a ton of their items, PLUS if you sign up with under the Dorm tab with your .edu address, you get a coupon for 10% off! How can you beat that?! 

To get some awesome dorm inspiration, visit Pottery Barn Dorm to see how they style their dorm room products! Follow Pottery Barn on Social Media to keep up with the latest trends (and sales!!!!) : Facebook, Twitter, PBDorm Instagram #mypbdorm, PBTeen Instagram, and Pinterest!

This post was made in partnership with my friends at Pottery Barn Dorm and Her Campus Media! All words and opinions are my own, thank you for supporting the brands that make My Life As Hayden possible!

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  1. Love these tips. Your color scheme is cute!