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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How To Survive A Group Project With BAND

Group projects are the bane of every student's existence. There's nothing worse than trying to communicate with a group of people to get together to do an awful project worth a good chunk of your grade. Group texts don't always get delivered to everyone, GroupMe chats are way too hard to follow, and Facebook is a huge hassle.

That's were this awesome app comes in. BAND is the best way to communicate with just 2 or even 1,000 people. It gives you the best of all the social media worlds with things like a post feed, group chat, calendar, polls, and even file sharing.

It's super easy to invite everyone that you need to!
With the calendar option, there is no more miscommunication about meeting times and locations! You can even add an RSVP option so you know who all will be there!

Instead of arguing over which kind of pizza to get, you can add a poll option and let everyone vote. No more "I don't care, whatever you want" answers! The polling function can also be useful for determining things like topics for your group project.

Because pizza makes even group projects better!
You can share pictures and load them into individual albums, and you can also share files! Sharing files through BAND is way easier than trying to email everyone files, and BAND even has a desktop site for easier access to these files!

If you need to chat with your group, utilize the group chat feature! It's great for when everyone needs to communicate all at once!

BAND isn't just for group projects, either! I have a BAND with a group of friends that meets every MWF for breakfast, and it's been a great way to communicate (aka send screenshots of each others funny snapchats, plan our "Monday's Suck" pizza parties, and share Buzzfeed quizzes.)

So go download BAND right now (band.us) and tell all your friends about it to save the lives of group projects everywhere. You'll be everyone's favorite group member. #beyoncestatus

Let me know what you thought about BAND and how you survive group projects! Use #bandtogether and share the love on social media!

*This is a sponsored post and all opinions are 100% my own, but I'm sure Beyonce would agree with me, too. *does hair flip*


  1. Wow I'm so glad you posted this! We just got assigned a group project and I'm feeling a little nervous but BAND sounds perfect! Thank you so much for posting- have a great week!

    1. BAND has been such a great help! I hope you have as great of experience as I have with it! Good luck on your group project!


  2. definetley needed this, I hate group

    check me out

    1. It's been such a great help with communicating with all of my groups! It definitely makes the dreaded group projects a little more tolerable!


  3. totally need this! group projects drive me crazy

    1. It's definitely been a life saver! Group projects (or even just trying to communicate with large groups) are the worst!!