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Friday, November 28, 2014


I know I'm technically a day late on the thankful post, but a busy day yesterday spent with family meant I had no time to write. Yesterday I was able to reflect on quite a few things that I am truly thankful for. This semester I have been dealing with some health issues, and after many, many, many doctors appointments and tests, we finally came to the conclusion that my gallbladder is the problem. I have surgery scheduled to have it removed over Christmas break. I am thankful that this should hopefully be a fast and easy fix to my health issues. Over the course of all my doctors visits and tests, I had a HIDAscan, which tests how well your gallbladder functions by injecting a radioactive substance, or tracer, into your arm. During this test I was able to tour around the department that housed all of the radioactive testing. It was such an awesome experience and only reinforced the fact that I want to have a career in nuclear pharmacy.

I'm thankful for my awesome readers and blogger friends, and all the opportunities that my blog has given me. Thanks y'all for all of the support!

I'm also thankful for:

  • living in the greatest country on Earth
  • my family
  • my friends that have become my family
  • my sweet church family
  • Fall weather
  • warm coffee on cool mornings
  • sparkles
  • the color blue
  • getting to meet new people
  • monograms
  • people that tolerate my monogram obsession
  • big t-shirts and leggings
  • no dress code in college
  • snail mail
  • pizza
What are you thankful for?


  1. To go along with you about snail mail, I'm thankful for people who still use snail mail. There's nothing like getting letter from a friend or family member to brighten your day.

  2. This is so sweet lol

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