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Thursday, October 30, 2014

How To Survive Your Dorm Room: Bathroom Part 2

You've probably seen all of my dorm organization posts here, but now that I'm in my second year of living in a dorm, I wanted to share a few more tricks that I've learned. Today, I'm going to share some bathroom organization tips. Sharing a bathroom isn't always the easiest thing, but my roommate and I have learned the best ways to making it work!

You've probably seen my post about these awesome cubbies here, but I wanted to sure them again because, well, they're awesome! I use the top cubby to hold my towels, washcloths, and hand towels. I got a bin (monogrammed, of course) to put in the bottom cubby to hold things like my straightener, blow dryer, curling iron, and other hair and makeup products that I don't use that often. My roommate uses shelf inserts and smaller cubby inserts in her cubby to store her things. On top of my cubbies, I put my make-up bag and a bin with things like lotion, hairspray, etc.

I hate having a mess on my vanity, so I got these Mason jars from Dollar Tree to organize my countertop. One holds my makeup brushes, one holds my hair ties and bobby pins, and one holds my lipsticks! (Tip: Put all of your bobby pins in an empty TicTac box! It makes life so much easier!)

On the other side of my sink, I got a toothbrush holder from Wal-Mart because I was NOT going to use the toothbrush holder attached to the wall (germaphobe probs…). I also got a small bin (from Dollar Tree) to keep things like my toothpaste, floss, deodorant, and vitamins from being strewn all over my counter. 

I also added a Command Hook to the wall to hang a hand towel from (it's monogrammed in case you were wondering (; )

Just so my bathroom isn't so plain Jane, I added a few accessories like the picture frame on my counter, a canvas above my hand towel, and a super cute owl from Hobby Lobby on the opposite wall. I also added a blue rug in front of my sink for comfort and cuteness! I also suggest getting a Glade Plug-In (or something similar) to keep your bathroom smelling fresh. I currently have in a pumpkin spice flavor to put me in a good, fall mood every morning!

How do you organize and decorate your bathroom?


  1. Your bathroom it is very pretty and the cubbies are very beautiful and organized. I actually don't have a decoration on my bathroom.

    1. Thanks Daniela! I've found that the cubbies are a huge lifesaver when it comes to storage, and their cuteness is an added bonus!


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