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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bringing Outdoors In… How To Eno In Your Dorm Room

So as y'all might know, my birthday was last month! My sweet, sweet brother got me an ENO since I've been wanting one for a while now! If you don't know what an ENO is, it is a hammock that you can hang up practically anywhere!! I have the single-nest hammock with the Atlas straps! I absolutely love it!!

Lately, there's been rainy weather at school so I haven't been able to take my ENO out *insert sad face*! But, I had this super awesome idea! I decided to try to hang my ENO up in my dorm room! *Spoiler alert* IT WORKED!

I'm a burr{eno}

I wrapped the Atlas straps around my hall door and my closet door and pulled them tight. I shut the doors and tugged on the to make sure they wouldn't come loose, then I attached my ENO! It actually held up, and I even took an awesome nap in it! (Priorities, people!!)

Where do you like to take your ENO? Have you tried hanging it indoors?! I'd love to hear about it!

PS. A huge CONGRATS to Amanda Cross for winning my giveaway! Thank you so much to everyone who entered!!

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