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Thursday, September 18, 2014

How To Stay Safe On Campus and SABRE Alarm Kit Giveaway!

When you go off to college, you normally don't have a care in the world! (Until finals come and you realize you should've been caring.) Most people think that they're safe on their college's campus, or that nothing bad will happen to them. Sadly, these people are W-R-O-N-G! We live in a very scary world, and just because you're on a college campus doesn't mean you're safe from it. In fact, college aged women are one of the biggest targets for assaults. The following statistic from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center is very alarming. "It is estimated that the percentage of completed or attempted rape victimization among women in higher educational institutions may be between 20% and 25% over the course of a college career." This means that one in four women on a college campus will be sexually assaulted in her college career. This is scary!  If you're not worried yet, go read the statistics on the One In Four website. I'm not giving you these statistics to scare you into never leaving your dorm, apartment, or house; rather, I want you to be aware of the goings ons on college campuses.

The best thing to do is be aware and prepared. Here are a few risk reduction techniques:

1. Be aware of your surroundings. Put down your phone while you're walking to class and pay attention. Make eye contact with people (don't be creepy, you can even smile and enjoy the day), and always know where you're going.

2. Avoid sketchy situations. If you know you're going to be making the long walk from the library after dark, have a buddy to walk with you or call someone to pick you up.

3. Don't wear a lanyard around your neck. Number one, it's a total freshman move (no offense if you do this), but it's also unsafe. Not only are you flaunting your wallet and keys to someone who could potentially want them, but the lanyard could be used to try to choke you in an attack. Put your keys somewhere you can easily access them (like an outside pocket on your backpack) instead of wearing them around your neck.

4. Use common sense!!

5. Invest in pepper spray. Not only does it immobilize humans, but it works for spiders, too! ;)

I use Campus Safety Pepper Gel  from SABRE (I have the pink one, duh). Pepper gel is awesome because it is safe to use indoors, has no effect on bystanders, and it reduces wind blow back. It comes on a keychain so I keep mine on my key ring so I am prepared at all times. So now you have pepper spray, but what if you don't know how to use it. Just because you know how it works, doesn't mean you'll use it to the best of its ability. SABRE also offers practice spray so you can get used to actually using pepper spray, but in a safe manner.

I thought that just because I was living in a dorm on campus I was super safe. That's not always the case. People can leave the outside door open and let anyone and their brother come into the building. Always keep your doors and windows locked! Do you still want another line of defense? SABRE has a dorm/apartment alarm kit that comes with a door stop alarm, window alarm, and personal alarm. You can find it here! Also, be sure to enter the giveaway below in order to win an alarm kit from SABRE!

In addition to being prepared, I am also enrolled in a self defense course through my school. I originally took it for an extra credit hour and an easy A, but I have learned so much! Most colleges offer self defense courses, and I definitely recommend that everyone enrolls in one.

SABRE Dorm/Apartment Alarm Kit Giveaway Kit Disclaimer: None of these risk reduction strategies are guaranteed to prevent an attack, but rather to try and reduce the risk. If you feel uncomfortable or like you are in a scary situation, call for help IMMEDIATELY! Know what resources are available on your campus, and always be prepared to use them. Also know your states self defense laws before you purchase and use weapons such as pepper spray. Pepper spray is not for you to be able to attack your attacker, but to immobilize him/her in order for you to run away. Call 911 immediately if you are in this situation.

I received this products in return for a review and promotion. All opinions are my own, and I wholeheartedly recommend them.

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