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Saturday, June 7, 2014

What Every College Freshman Needs To Know

Now that freshman year is over and I see all the new little freshies getting ready to move in the fall, here's a list of things that I learned over my freshman year of college:

1. Buy a lot of athletic wear. You probably won't actually use these for working out, but you'll wear them to every single class. Seriously.

2. Buy a planner. Use it. Write down EVERYTHING, even if you think you'll be able to remember it. You'll thank me later.

3. Call your mom, or at least text her. She's having a hard time with her baby moving out, and she'll be glad to hear from you. Keep her updated on your life, it will make things much easier for her. Eventually she'll get over her separation anxiety…eventually.

4. Don't bring lots of t-shirts from home. You'll get TONS in college, especially if you're in a sorority!

5. This might seem silly, but don't forget toilet paper on move in day. That's pretty problematic.

6. Learn how to study and take advantage of tutoring resources ASAP! It's too late to try to learn a whole semester of stuff when you have finals the next week.

7. Go to the library to study. You won't look like a nerd and you'll be able to get a lot more done in there than if you just tried to study in your room.

8. Get to know your professors. Don't be a creep and go add them on Facebook, but if you're having trouble they have office hours for a reason. Go talk to them, and if they see that you're actually trying they might give you a few extra points if you need it ;)

9. Don't let your social life interfere with your grades. Find a balance.

10. Don't forget to have a social life, either.

11. College is a time to meet new and exciting people, take advantage of it. Thankfully, my sorority introduced me to a diverse group of wonderful girls and guys! Even if Greek Life isn't for you, there are plenty of ways to meet new people.

12. Don't sit in your dorm room or apartment the whole time, and don't go home every weekend either.

13. I never really got homesick, but if you do, call up your girlfriends, go watch a movie, just don't sit and mope by yourself. The likelihood of you going home for good increases drastically if you don't get out and hang out with friends.

14. Walk everywhere that you can. This will keep you somewhat active and keep you from gaining ALL of the Freshman 15.

15. Unless you are a super health freak and work out twice a day, gaining at least some weight is inevitable.

16. I'm not sure why this didn't make it higher up on the list, but learn to LOVE coffee. And buy a coffee maker. You'll need it when you're having to pull an all-nighter and the coffee shop isn't open at 3 A.M.

17. Go to McDonald's at midnight for breakfast with your friends. MAKE MEMORIES.

and last, but probably the most important,

18. In the words of my mother, "TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES!!!!"


  1. Great post! I'll be a freshman in the fall at Texas Tech University !

    1. Thanks Bailey! If you'll be in the dorms, check out my How To Survive Your Dorm Room series!
      Wishing you the best of luck at school!