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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

DIY Koozie Wall

If you're a normal college student, you probably have an abundance of koozies. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, gives out free koozies. Because the word "FREE" is the call of the college student, you've probably accepted tons of free koozies from random companies, organizations, etc. Mine stacked up underneath my bed until I finally thought of a creative way to display them (because you can't buy a Lilly Pulitzer koozie and not have it showing for the world to see!). Then I thought of a koozie wall, aka a gallery wall perfect for broke college students. It's super fast and easy to make, too! Now I just have to figure out a way to display all my tumbler cups! ;)

I got twine out of the dollar bin at Target and mini clothespins from Michael's! I just measured out how many koozies I had/how much wall space I had and decided to go with five koozies on each row. Then, I put clear thumbtacks in the wall and tied the twine around it. Tying the twine is a trial and error process to determine how long/how much slack you need, but once you get it figured out, it's easy from then on out!

Do you have any other creative ways for displaying koozies?

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  1. This is such a cute idea! Love it :)

  2. This is neat! I've been looking for a $1 twine since forever. I've to make one of those photos hanging on the twine with clothes clips. Ah wish me luck

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  3. I've been thinking about doing this because I have SO MANY koozies. It's ridiculous. And even though I'm out of college, free will still be my favorite price!