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Thursday, January 15, 2015

In High Tide Or Low Tide

This year I was so blessed to get a Little Sister from the newest pledge class in my chapter. Brittany has been such a blessing in my life and I couldn't imagine a better Little for me. We are exactly the same person, but can be opposites, too. It's been such a great relationship and I'm looking forward to the many years to come with her by my side! If you've read MLAH before, then you know I love to paint coolers. So in order to show my Little how much I loved her, I did it the best way I knew how…with a painted cooler!

I call my little Great White, hence the shark!

We're both chemistry nerds, so of course having elements from the periodic table was a must!

Throw what ya know!

Painted coolers are always my favorite gifts to give because they're functional, personal, and thoughtful! Who wouldn't want to get one of these as a gift?! Check out all my other coolers here and my tips on how to paint a cooler!


  1. All of your cooler posts are so cool to look at... I really enjoy your sorority posts in general, actually! I go to a school with a pretty non-traditional greek life, so coolers aren't really a thing, unfortunately. But it is fun to live vicariously and see yours!


    1. Coolers are definitely my favorite creative outlet! Believe it or not, they're not super common at my school either, but that doesn't stop me!! I say if you like it, just do it and make it a thing at your school!


  2. I love your coolers! We don't do them at Bucknell, but I wish we did (maybe make one for my big just for fun).You can never underestimate the power of a big/little relationship.

    All the best!

    The Daily Dil-emma || http://www.emmasheehy.com

    1. You could so start the painted cooler trend there! And it's such a great, personal gift. I'm sure your big would love it!